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Founded in 2020 as Holland's first plant-based chocolaterie, our mission is a harmonious blend of emotions and cultural influences from around the globe. We also strive to lessen the burden on cacao farming by incorporating more sustainable ingredients and maintaining our commitment to small-batch, handcrafted production.

Simultaneously, we see chocolate as the ideal canvas to craft wholesome treats while prioritizing our well-being. As a result, we steer clear of anything artificial and refined sugars, using only nature's finest ingredients to create Lait De Choco.

Our Founder

Guided by the vision of Amalia Taleï, a Dutch chef and herbalist of Iranian descent, Lait De Choco comes to life. In her small Amsterdam kitchen, Taleï started her journey, crafting small batches of hand-made, plant-based bonbons. As demand soared, her creations transcended borders and boundaries, sought after by people from near and far.

Lait De Choco is more than a business; it's a heartfelt passion project that embodies Taleï's soul and multicultural background. Having been raised by a single mom in an asylum, Taleï intimately understands the challenges of growing up in an uncertain environment.

Driven by a strong sense of giving back, Taleï prioritizes the well-being of farm-workers in Lait De Choco's supply chain. Working with companies that uphold the highest standards, she ensures they are treated with care and respect.


Lait De Choco, pronounced as 'leh deh choh-koh', is a spin-off from Lait De Coco, French for coconut milk. Our name is a playful nod to our essence. We found coconut to be a valuable ally in our production, from its creamy milk to its natural sweet blossoms, earning it a place of honor in our brand.

While French chocolate holds its charm, our inspiration comes from all corners of the globe. Embracing our diverse identity, our name celebrates the joy of making little sense, capturing the very thing that defines Lait De Choco.


Our recycled packaging serves as a vessel for the very stories we cherish, featuring elements of handcraft and captivating imagery from around the globe, contributed not only by us but also by you.

our community

To us, chocolate is an art form, and sharing it with you brings us immense joy. In our eyes, you are at the heart of everything we do, and bringing our community together gives our purpose even more meaning.

At our Amsterdam homebase, we create a vibrant hub where you can gather over a cup of hot choco or a magnesium-infused soda, attending workshops as we grow together. Stay connected about upcoming events by signing up for our newsletter below.