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By using only biodegradable packaging, we're taking a step towards a future with less waste and more opportunities for composting. Our products are thoughtfully crafted so you can indulge in a guilt-free treat that supports a healthier you and a healthier planet.


    The making of our chocolate is a genuine labor of love, which is why we strive to waste not a single bit. After each chocolate run, any remaining goodness is repurposed to craft our ganaches, pralines, elixirs, and drinks served at the shop.


    We package our artisanal products with the same love and care we put into crafting them, we have taken a conscious step away from plastic by opting for recycled paper and grass paper alternatives. However, it is important to acknowledge that we are not entirely "plastic-free" since some of the products we purchase online for our production process still come with plastic packaging.

    Nevertheless, we are committed to minimizing our plastic footprint by reusing and recycling these materials whenever possible. Our journey towards greater sustainability is an ongoing effort, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices for a greener future.


At Lait De Choco, our foundation lies in sourcing in harmony with the earth. One of our significant endeavors is offering plant-sourced alternatives to commonly used animal-derived products, promoting a more sustainable and compassionate approach. However, we recognize that this alone may not be enough, so we are continuously exploring and developing a future where we can further reduce pressure on cacao-farming by introducing alternatives and better practices.

The cacao mass and cacao butter we use in crafting our chocolate comes from a small family company committed to ethical practices. Notably, they pay their farmers 3% above the minimum price set by the 'Fair Trade' standard, going beyond the average for chocolates marked 'Fair Trade.' Moreover, they provide premium prices for cacao beans to small and medium farmers, offering markups nearly 10% higher than the international market.

Supporting various social responsibilities for their farm workers, the company demonstrates their dedication to creating positive impact and fostering a sustainable future. You can witness the tangible benefits they bring to their community by exploring their initiatives for yourself here.


    By partnering with a single primary organic wholesaler, we gain insight into the precise product details of each resource we use. Tracing our ingredients and maintaining transparency in our practices are paramount to us. This ensures not only your health and wellness but also that of the planet.


    At our Amsterdam homebase, we create a vibrant hub where you can gather over a cup of hot choco, coffee, or a magnesium-infused soda, attending free seminars and workshops as we grow together. Stay connected with us by signing up for our newsletter below.


Embracing the future of chocolate, Carob is the promising alternative to cacao. We're at the forefront of this exciting journey, offering high nutrition and a delightful flavor akin to cacao. Join us as we continue growing this project.


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