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Lait De Choco is a passion project born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Back in 2020, the company was originally established under a different name by herbalist and vegan chef Amalia Taleï, who hails from Persia. In her homey kitchen, Taleï crafted small batches of artisanal raw chocolate. Soon enough, every batch sold out first to friends, family and eventually the chocolates made their way across the country's borders.

Now, her and fellow vegan chef, graphic designer as well as close friend Anna Leonardi who hails from Italy, joined forces by merging the finest of plant-based ingredients.

The pair founded LDC when bonding over their cultural background and upbringing, knowledge and love for food as well as plant medicine. By housing wellbeing in sustainable ways, their goal is to shine a light on internal health through various means.

Lait De Choco makes sure to produce little to no waste. Scraps of production are always recycled and/or repurposed.

To their believe, supporting small-holder farmers and cacao agroforestry is the future.

  • vegan

  • small scale

  • biodegradable packaging